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miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

The role of a Part-time Marketer

 Author: Tassen Manzoor

The concept of a part -time marketer by Gummesson is one that states that the role of a part-time marketer is not related directly to the marketing department of a company.  Gummesson believes that these non-marketing specialists play a big role in the success of a company. Part time marketers include all employees that influence customer relations, customer satisfaction, and the customer's perceived quality (Gummesson, 1991). The role of a part time marketer is imperative in the long-term success of of the firm and should not be ignored.  It is very important for the part time marketer to be recognized in order to make this initiative successful. It is something that everyone in the company contributes to at some point whether it is as a financial specialist or a stock associate.

As a part time marketer, the employee is representing the people part of the marketing mix in adding value to the final service. The part time marketer shows that the front line employees and marketing department are not the only ones representing the people part of the marketing mix but rather all the employees in the organisation as a whole that deal with customer related matters. The part time marketer is an essential part of the service marketing mix because in the service industry for many cases the people in the marketing case play such a big role that they can make or break an experience.  

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