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miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

Starbucks Launches “Tweet-a-Coffee”

Autora: Marina Pérez
Twitter: @mariinita192

Give a Starbucks coffee to a friend by sending a tweet!

Yes, I am not joking… Since Oct 28th the mega coffee chain, Starbucks, launches a completely new concept of gifting a coffee by Twitter.

The process is simple:

First of all you must sync your Starbucks account to your Twitter, and then write a tweet to @tweetacoffee to “buy a coffee for a friend”.

Once the recipient views the gift, Starbucks immediately emails the gift-giver the following message: "Thanks for sending [recipient] a $5.00 USD Starbucks Card e-Gift through the tweet-a-coffee program. Your friend has viewed it and will soon be enjoying their favorite beverage (and thinking what a nice person you are)”.
The recipient can redeem the $5 e-gift card at any restaurant, by phone, printing it out or by loading it to their Starbucks mobile app. This original way of gifting is only available in the US, however they are looking at bringing it to other countries in the foreseeable future.

They are also giving away $5 gift card only for the first 100.000 gift-givers using a Visa Card (until Nov. 6), courtesy of Visa and Starbucks.

It can be used between the closest friends and also between people who do not even know each other in person but they are connected by the social network in some way.

The concept of e-gifting by Twitter is completely revolutionary; no company has used this platform before in this way. This is a pretty big deal, just thinking of the potential if every company used twitter as a distribution channel. Worldwide business opportunities would expand exponentially.

Are we in the edge of change? Who knows…

3 comentarios:

  1. Alguien puede explicar con más detalle ¿cómo es el proceso de cobro a quien invita al café?

  2. La persona que invita al café debe estar registrado en y tener asociada una tarjeta de crédito (Visa). Una vez realizado esto, el cliente adquiere una tarjeta Starbucks Card eGift de 5$. Dicho importe se carga en su tarjeta de crédito y además, los 100.000 primeros reciben una recompensa de 5$ para gastar en Starbucks.
    Un método muy cómodo y divertido para los clientes habituales, unido a una recompensa a los más rápidos y activos que sin duda ha agradado a los asiduos a los Starbucks americanos.